About us

Who we are?

We are a team with an ambition to contribute towards smarter world and to improve the safety, security and reliability for the users. Our key goal is to design and develop home automation and smart devices for a smarter ecosystem. Our continuous development cycle improves the goal “Made in India”

What we do?

Smart Switch

In modern day time is important, to improve the quality time spent on work, family and games forget the distractions and hassle to physically press the switch.

Smart Plug

Smart Plug is a simple plug and play device so any conventional devices can be turned on/off smartly.

Smart Door Lock

With improved security smart lock provides access with multiple modes so no hassle of carrying the keys.

How we work?

We the engineers believe in making with perfection. So, we have software engineers, electronics engineers, industrial designers and mechanical engineers where we work together parallelly to exchange ideas and feasibility to make the product innovative, feature loaded and error free.